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Packing: 25kg PP Plastic Woven Bag Lined With PE Plasticbag
Quality: First-Class
Appearance: Pearls
Export Markets: Global
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Export Markets:Global
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Packing:25kg PP Plastic Woven Bag Lined With PE Plasticbag
Product Description

Product Description
Rubber vulcanizing agent essential to all-steel or semi-steel radial tire. Insoluble sulfur is over 90%, oil filled for 10%

Hengxingyuan's insoluble sulphur product IS-80-10has achieved a great breakthrough in "four high requirements" (high content, high dispersivity, high fineness and heat stability), comparing favourably with FLEXSYS. At room temperature, insoluble sulphur content reaches over 90%; At 105° C× 15min, insoluble sulphur content reaches over 75%; At 120° C× 15min, insoluble sulphur content reaches over 50%. The product, in sulphur content, heat stability and price, boasts great advantages at home and abroad. Features: Insoluble sulphur is a kind of new rubber vulcanizing agent, which can not only overcome some defects of general sulphur but also contribute to improve the quality of rubber products.

1. The rubber will not be conducted blooming treatment within storage period so as to maintain the uniform component and performance, avoid the defect of bad adhesive force due to blooming and prevent the pollution to rubber products and moulds.
2. In order to keep the moulding adhesiveness of rubber surface, no transport phenomenon occurs in adjacent glue line.
3. Reduce scorching in the process of mixing and storage.
4. Shorten vulcanization time and reduce sulphur amount to eliminate the aging performance of rubber products.
5. Increase the adhesion of rubber with other materials. Package and storage: The packaging uses 25kg PP plastic woven bag lined with PE plastic bag. The storage temperature should not exceed 40° C. Note that the storage place should be fire, heat, and damp proof and the products should avoid being pressed and caking. The products cannot be stored with alkaline or amine materials. The quality guarantee period is 6 months.